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Innovative Off Road Storage & Mounting Solutions.

JK Skinz, LLC

Innovative Off Road Storage & Mounting Solutions.

JK Skinz, LLC. and its parent company, Rock and Water International, are bringing to the market many new and innovative products this year. From the Resort industry, to the Off Road industry and into the Security and Emergency Response industry, JK Skinz and its subsidiaries are always looking to design a solution to problems that have long plagued many current products. However, besides innovating products, JK Skinz has some of the best designers and fabricators at its fingertips. JK Skinz has unpresidented access to the largest Mopar (Jeep) dealership in the world. The company employs some of the best Jeep specialists in the industry with over 25 years of Jeep building and modifying experience with builds in over 15 magazine issues. JK Skinz Jeep Build Director has Petersons Ultimate Adventure, Detroit Trail Tour, Rubicon, Easter Jeep, King of Hammers, and many more national events under his belt. Back that up with a group of top notch engineers, designers, machinists, and fabricators and you have the best crew you could ever ask for to build your needs and dreams into an Extreme Terrain Vehicle.

Xtreme Jeep Accessories

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The most innovative Jeep Wrangler Parts Off Road storage & accessory mounting solutions ever made!

Jeep Wrangler Parts Innovative Jeep Storage Systems

If somebody makes it, you can PUK it! Take it with you safely and access it easily! Innovative Jeep Wrangler Parts

Jeep Wrangler Parts Off Road storage & accessory mounting solutions

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Jeep Wrangler Parts Innovative - multi function - great looking panels, that when combined with PUKs, provide the first real storage solution for Jeeps. These Pantented panels allow the PUK mounting system to be infinitly adjustable while also looking great. It wasn't enough to just bolt in some panels. We took months to make sure that your Jeeps great looks are only enhanced and that any top can still be easily used. All of our Jeep Wrangler Parts RoofSkinz panels are modular.
They can all be individually removed or added to accomodate your needs at the time. You can hold 4 rifles securely out of the way while your headed to your favorite hunting spot, or mount your CB and extra recovery gear out of the way without drilling any holes in your JK. Thats right... NO HOLES! Our entire Jeep Wrangler RoofSkinz system does not have to be removed to remove or install your hard or soft top. They also fits the extremely popular Trek Top. Now, you just need to figure our what color you want us to send you!

Jeep Wrangler Parts RoofSkinz are the completely modular panel system that, along with the PUK, allows you to mount accessories, electronics, rifles, and anything else, securely inside your JK wrangler without drilling a single hole. Jeep storage systems

jeep wrangler parts


More than a license plate holder Sure. Those little vent cover plates are cute. but, Jeep Wrangler Parts TailSkinz makes that entire space completely usable and everything can be adjusted depending on what you need that day!

These bolt on panels cover your entire exposed tailgate and allows you to mount anything from a high lift jack to a whip antenna to it. It does not require additional mounting holes.

These New Jeep Wrangler Parts TailSkinz are the ultimate in Tailgate Tire Mount Delete Kits. No drilling and you can actually PUK your dirty tools, Hi-Lift, or even your license plate anywhere on it! jeep accessories jeep tail skinz

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Our new Jeep Wrangler Parts DoorSkinz are the first of their kind! DoorSkinz attach to the factory doors without any drilling. Want to run half doors for the day? Just remove your factory doors and PUK on the latch! Now you can PUK on our Armrest/Cup holder and ANYTHING else you want! Jeep Wrangler Parts DoorSkinz will Revolutionize the way you look at half-doors and / or door protection. And still NO DRILLING!

Jeep Wrangler Parts DoorSkinz Transformer Door System is not only a great looking way to protect your expensive factory JK and JKU doors, they can be converted to stand-alone half doors for the trail with high visibility in a few quick minutes!  jeep storage sytems

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The Jeep Wrangler Parts PUK is our patented mounting system that, when combined with our Skinz panels, is the most innovative mounting system to ever enter the Jeep world!

This little Patented marvel is an innovation in storage options for every industry. It has an 8lb. magnet injection molded into it around the steel threaded insert. It is a high grade proprietary plastic composition that can handle UVs, vibration, and will handle more wieght, combined with our Skinz, than you want to hang on your Jeep. Each basic PUK PAK Stainless Steel Hardware Kit comes with a 3/4" and 1 3/4" button head bolts, nylock nut, wing nut, and two sizes of washers. That will hold anything from tool boxes to rifle mounts. Allows you to bolt to the PUK or run the longer one through and use it as a stud mount depending on the accessories of your choice being PUKed. Because we are an AMERICAN manufacturer, we chose to utilize the easily accessable 1/4'x20 thread insert so that you can bolt anything you can imagine to these little monsters! Jeep Storage jeep accessories PUK IT

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Jeep Wrangler Parts JK Skinz is a company with innovative designs of jeep jk 4 door accessories. Everything from body armor to suspension. Patents pending on all designs.

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